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Foie Gras with LELO whole cooked figs in syrup

Serve 6

  • 1 jar LELO 314gr LELO Figs

  • 1 Lobe of fresh foie gras

  • ½ cup Sauternes

  • 6 slices of toasted baguette

  • Sea salt

  • Coarsely ground black pepper


  • Use vegetable peeler to create shavings of fresh foie gras.

  • Arrange the shaving on the toasted baguette slices

  • With a sharp knife, slice each fig into thin slices

  • Using a brush, daub the shavings with sauternes

  • Season with sea salt, coarsely ground black pepper and some figs

  • Top the shaving of foie gras with some figs slices.

Our Figs are also great with:

  • Cheese platters

  • Ice cream

  • Roast beef

  • Duck confit

  • Sweet crepe

  • Fruit salad

  • Regular desserts such as profiterole au chocolate, apple tart, fantasia au fruit

  • As Chocolate stuffing


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