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Ricotta pudding with LELO Whole Cooked Figs in Syrup

Serve 4-6

  • 1 package ricotta cheese

  • 1/3 cup raw pistachio

  • ¼ cup sugar

  • 4 tablespoons sweet Marsala wine

  • 1 cup heavy cream

  • Finely grated zest of orange

  • 1 jar 314gr LELO Cooked Figs

  • Strips of thinly pared orange zest to decorate


  • Roast the raw pistachio in the oven until brown.

  • Press the ricotta through a sieve into a bowl to remove any lumps

  • Finely chop the figs with a sharp knife and stir into the sieved ricotta with half of the marsala.

  • Put cream, the sugar and grated orange zest in another bowl and whip until the cream is standing in soft peaks.

  • Fold the whipped cream into the ricotta mixture

  • Spoon into individual glass serving bowl and top with the roasted pistachios.

  • Chill until serving time

  • Sprinkle with the remaining marsala, lightly pour some syrup from the jar on the mixture and dust the top of each with sugar.

  • Decorate with the pared orange zest and serve!


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